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wish list

Thank you for viewing our ongoing Wish List! We seek to update it as often as possible. If you have questions about the list, or there is a specific item you would like to donate or a project you would like to fund, please email Sarah Causey (Executive Director) at

Level 1 / Dormitory Building

Blinds for all upstairs bedrooms - 2' white wooden

Floor lamps for all upstairs bedrooms (8)

Level 2 / apartment Building

Exercise equipment for Exercise/Weight Room – treadmill, elliptical, or any other pieces that are in good working order.

Flooring & Labor

Funds to replace hardwood floors in Computer room and Living room (to match the rest of the flooring in the building)

funding for projects

Flooring project above

Remodel of unused bathroom into cleaning and chemical closet

Painting of green stairwells, trim, etc. on Level 2 building (and some on Level 1)

Painting of shutters and doors on both buildings

Replace back fence 

Paint and replace flooring in all Level 2 apartments 

Paint both Kitchens 

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