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kim saenz
Parent of past AFIL Resident

When my son Rickey started high school, we wondered what his quality of life would be once he graduated and started his adult life. While it was mildly terrifying thinking of Rickey navigating employment and DART, plus being paired with a roommate, I'm so glad we decided on AFIL. Both for him AND for me! I don't know how long I would have kept him at home and prevented him from semi-independent living. He cooked, cleaned, and worked while living at home, but AFIL taught him how to plan and be accountable. Was it easy for him? No. But it wasn't easy for any of us moving out on our own. Relinquishing control over every facet of every daily task/choice in my son's life to AFIL was the best thing we could have ever done. He's now 27-years-old and living semi-independently in an apartment and using public transportation to get to a job he enjoys. AFIL enabled us to get him to this point!

MaryEllen o'donnell
Parent of past AFIL resident


After looking at several living communities, we chose AFIL because of its unique multi-level living approach. This has provided our daughter with the tools needed to become more self- sufficient and gain supportive independence. The AFIL staff and family unit concept have been essential in keeping her on track with personal goals, even post her graduation from the program. As parents, we believe in the AFIL vision and mission


Larry Garrett
Parent of current AFIL resident

AFIL has my heart!  My special needs daughter, Alisha, asked me shortly after she finished high school when she was going to go to college.  As I pondered that question, I began looking for a place where she would be happy and thrive.  As a young person, I hated to think that she would not have a future or participate in activities that are a vital part of her life.  The process of looking was very difficult.  My searches included group homes with the majority of people being older who didn’t share the same interests.  As luck would have it, one of the places told us about AFIL and how they were working with young people and training them to become self-sufficient.  I visited AFIL and knew right away it was a perfect fit.  Alisha has now been at AFIL for 24 years.  She has grown in ways I never thought possible.  Her first step was living within a dormitory style program.  It was there that she began the process of learning through repetition.  As the years have gone by Alisha now lives in one of the supervised apartments and maintains her independence.  She works, grocery shops, attends events, laughs and enjoys a fulfilling life.  I’m not sure where we would be without AFIL.  

barbara prins
Grandmother of current AFIL resident


I am Luke’s Nina. We are thrilled with Luke’s placement at AFIL. He seems very happy and is able to “hang” with his peers, most of whom he met at AFIL. He has a part time volunteer job that he seems to enjoy. He engages with other residents doing art projects, playing basketball, and playing video games. AFIL does lots of activities with the residents. Our family enjoyed the Beautify AFIL event this past spring when we all put in some sweat equity to beautify the grounds. He has a flexible schedule that allows him to come home regularly while having a fulfilling life at AFIL away from his family. It has been a very positive placement for him.

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