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“I am capable of reaching any goal.”
AFIL Morning Affirmation

AFIL started in 1979 and continues today as a transitional life skills campus which includes supervised apartments for young men and women with intellectual and developmental disabilities. AFIL is the only transitional program of its kind in the DFW area. We serve young people who want to learn the skills necessary to become contributing members of their communities. We have a long history of successful instruction, and many of our graduates live independently and work at full time jobs..


the afil way

The “AFIL Way” Program is a residential program designed to teach life skills to young adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. We offer a holistic and collaborative approach which places the resident at the center of the program and advocates for them and their abilities as they learn greater independence and interdependence. All of the residents are taught the same skills; although each resident learns these skills at their own pace and in their own way.

life skills







Money Management

Work/Vocational Training

Transportation Training


Communication Skills

Conflict Resolution

Problem Solving

Boundary Setting


The ”AFIL Way” Program is comprised of 3 levels, each one building on the previous and offering the next step to independence. As a resident graduates from each level, they move to the next level. We like to think of it as climbing a ladder.

Level 1


Level 1 is a dormitory building with the capacity for 16 residents and provides a community living environment with community kitchens and living spaces. Residents have roommates and are learning alongside their peers as they work through their program. Every skill we can think of that is needed to be a productive, functioning adult is addressed in this level. Learning happens both in regularly scheduled group classes and activities, and one on one with each individual in real time. Progress is measured by goals determined by the Program Director, the resident, and the resident’s family. Once a resident has demonstrated a consistent measurable amount of progress in Level 1, they are able to graduate to Level 2.


Level 2


Level 2 is a 3-story apartment building with 10 1 bed/1 bath apartments. It is located on the same campus as Level 1, with just a courtyard separating the two. Once a resident is in Level 2, they earn the ability to be more independent and autonomous with their time and daily decisions. Staff is still available to them any time they need, but we encourage the individual to come to us as they need. Each apartment is checked by staff once per week to ensure housework is being kept up, old or expired food is thrown out, and maintenance needs are being reported. This is essentially the level where the resident learns what it truly means to be independent. Once a resident has demonstrated a consistent ability to be more independent, they are able to graduate from Level 2 and either move to Level 3 or leave our program to find independent living outside of our community.


Level 3- Storey Lane Independent Living (SLIL)


Should a resident choose to stay with our community after they graduate from the AFIL Way Program, they have the option of moving into a condo with our sister organization, Storey Lane Independent Living (SLIL). SLIL has two buildings, each with 12 condos, and a live in supervisor. SLIL is also a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and has its own Board of Directors. For more information about SLIL, visit their website here

Best buddies 

AFIL is a proud supporter of Best Buddies, an organization dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We have had a long working history together, and eventually were able to create our own Best Buddies chapter between AFIL and Texas Woman's University in Dallas. Each year, our residents are paired with students from TWU, and social events are planned as both group outings and one on one outings. Best Buddies is a staple feature of our AFIL Way Program. Click here to find out more about the wonderful work of Best Buddies. 

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