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AFIL was founded by Guillermo Antonio Vidaud, an architect from Havana, Cuba who was forced to seek exile in the United States in 1960 due to political turmoil. Guillermo, and his wife Maria Elena de la Vega, had a son with a need and in 1979, he formed the Association of Independent Living in conjunction with the Catholic Order of the School Sisters of Notre Dame to provide independent living training for developmentally disabled youth, so that they could live productive lives without dependency on tax supported institutions. The program was founded on the idea that “all adults have the right to experience life to the fullest extent of their abilities”.

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AFIL’s mission is to provide a safe and supportive living environment for our adult residents who are diagnosed with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and elevate them to their highest independence and interdependence through life skills, education and vocational guidance.


AFIL’s vision is to remain a lively community which consistently meets the needs of our residents through direction, advocacy, and support so that each individual may feel a sense of belonging and have the desire to live to their fullest potential, while their families can live with the peace of mind that their loved one is cared for and safe.

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